About Value Education Contest

We are conducting Value Education Contest from last 9 years across India which has seen participation from over 8.5 lakh students

Through this Contest we wish to empower each student with strong value systems that would guide them in decision making and use their knowledge and skills for betterment of society.

The registered students will get Hard copy of Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS & Value Education booklet through courier for free.

Online videos of the topics in booklet will be shared with registered students (These videos are not compulsory to watch , but it can enhance the understanding of the student)

Online Exam will be conducted based on the Value Education booklet on 8th August 2021 (Sunday)

Winners from each group will win exciting prizes

Each participant will get

Bhagavad Gita English/Telugu
VEC Booklet
Value Education Course for Six Weeks


There will be 2 groups, Group A and Group B for 5th to 7th class and 8th to 12th class

Each group will win the following prizes

1st Prize - 5,000 Worth Gift
2nd Prize - 3,000 Worth Gift
3rd Prize - 2,000 Worth Gift
10 Consolation Prizes for Both Groups
“It is our choices that make us who we are. It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are“
“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody has the same set but you leave them all over everything you do.“
“In a world where titles, degrees, fame can be bought with money, make sure your children are wealthy of everything money cannot buy.“

Value Education Contest 2019

More than 1 Lakh students participated from various places in India

Value Education Contest Booklet

Name a single most important virtue for a student – CONCENTRATION. Specially in todays age of mass degradation, the wisdom books we provide, tells a student all what he/she needs to know to achieve the “All round well-being”. Authored by Mr. Vraja krishna Das, an IITian himself, this course material helps the students as ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DEVELOP GOOD CHARACTER, COMPETENCE AND CULTURE This study material has received bounty of appreciations from top rankers, well known professionals and concerned parents. You can’t afford to miss it!

By reading this material a student will
  • learn to effectively identify all types and causes of degradation
  • know how to overcome all practical problems of 21st century
  • learn to make wise & conscious choices
  • be inspired by highly motivational real life facts, incidents etc
  • learn to develop real Self-Confidence
  • learn valuable lessons from entertaining plus educating stories learn practical
  • meditation techniques to boost one’s focus on study
  • lay a strong foundation to one’s own value system & many more


Client Photo
Satvat Jagwani - IIT (AIR-1 2015)

Some of my good friends who could have done better than me but couldn't perform well because of distractions due to bad habits. I strongly feel, that right from school days, if students imbibe values and teachings taught through this contest it will help them do their best in academics and also build strong Character-which is key to live happy and fruitful life

Schedule Detail

Propelled by the positivity spread by the previous Value Education Contest.

The registered students will get e-Certificate
Online Classes on Zoom/Youtube. Every Sunday, Details will be communicated through Whats app

Registration Details

Registration Starts On : 30th May 2020 Registration Ends On : 31th July 2021

Exam Details

Exam Date On : 8th August 2021

Up-Comming Online Sessions

Aditya Pr (IIT Rurkee)

Topic : Satisfaction of Heart (29th Aug 2020 7PM)

Akshay Pr (Delloite, NIT - A)

Topic : Goal of human life (30th Aug 2020 Sun 11AM)

Jagdeesh Hari Pr (M.Tech, IIT - M)

Topic : Question Answers (30th Aug 2020 7PM)

Partha pr (IIT -Kharagpur)

Topic : Yoga for modern age (5th Sep 2020 7PM)

HG JHP (M.Tech, IIT - M)

Topic : Your ever well wisher (6th Sep 2020 11AM)

  • The participant needs to fill the form & pay online
  • After the confirmation of payment Bhagavad Gita as It Is and VEC Books will be couriered to the participant
  • Courier will be sent after 5th of June due to COVID Restrictions
  • Students have to solve the questions in VEC booklet
  • Online classes on the topics in booklet will be conducted for registered students (These classes are not compulsory to attend , but it can enhance the understanding of the student)
  • The exam will be an online open book exam, however,  once you login to the exam portal, you need to complete the exam in 60 min. Exam rules shall be communicated to the registered candidates at suitable times.
  • The exam is (MCQ) “Multiple Choice Question” based assessment with few Subjective Questions
  • Toppers will be decided based on MCQ, Subjective questions & interview
  • The exam results will be displayed on our website and shall be communicated to individual registered candidates as well
  • Digitized certificates will be distributed to all participants

Registration For Online Value Education Contest

Every participant will get certificate.

This certificate will also help in future, as ethics and value education is now being integrated strongly internationall.

After confirmation of registration Bhagavad Gita copy and Value Education Booklet will be sent couriered to your place

Rs. 50 / per participant (All Over India)

Exam is on 8th August 2021 and will be conducted online.

No, The paper will be conducted in two Groups Group A: Class V-VII, Group B: Class VIII-XII

90% of Questions for the Group A Students (Class V to VII) and 80% of Questions for Group B Students (Class VIII to XII) will be from the Value Education Contest Booklet itself and remaining questions will be from Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2.

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